Dzanviki DOO Petrovec

Equipment funded by the IPARD program: Construction of an industrial facility for processing vegetables and fruits, Packing line for stuffed peppers (6000 jars/h), DADAUX TX 130 AUTO grinding machine, DADAUX electromechanical elevator with installation, Robocap Ecoplate Plus palletizer FRD with installation, FUTURA automatic container sealer with installation, DEVELOPMENT OF BASIC PROJECT (for building - 5,035 m²), DEVELOPMENT OF BASIC PROJECT (horticultural arrangement - 12,340 m²), Supervision during execution of construction works.

Measure: Investments in physical assets for processing of agricultural and fishery products

Priority sector: Fruits and vegetables (including potatoes, mushrooms and leguminous crops).

Total value of the investment: MKD 323,021,934.00
Co-financed amount: MKD 136,369,563.00
Amount of support: 50%