Government of the Republic of North Macedonia
Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and the Rural Development

On the basis of article 9 paragraph 1 point (b) from the Law on ratification of the Sectoral Agreement signed by and between the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Commission of the European Communities for stipulating provisions for management and implementation of the EU financial assistance to the R. Macedonia under the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance in the policy areas for “Agriculture and Rural Development (IPARD) (Official Gazette of RM no.38/2016) on the basis of Part II Measure “Farm Diversification and Development of Business” point 11 of the Programme for allocation of funds from the EU Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance for Rural Development of the European Union (IPARD 2014-2020) (Official Gazette no.177/2016) and on the basis of article 6 from the Decree on the manner and the procedure for allocation of the financial assistance for the rural development measures funded under the IPARD Programme 2014-2020 (Official Gazette of RM no.64/2016) and (Official Gazette no. 58/2019). Decision of the European Commission C(2021)5552 of 19 July 2021

The Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and the Rural Development

On 02 September 2022 hereby announces

for submitting applications for allocation of funds under Measure 3 “Investments in physical assets concerning processing and marketing of agriculture and fishery products” from the IPARD Program 2014-2020

(Official Gazette of Republic of North Macedonia no. 167/2022)

In part 1, point 4, the text:

,,The total public financing under this Public Call is: 5,028,568. 00 euros or 310.237.491 denars, with a possibility the support to be increased during the duration of the Public Call. “

Shall be changed to read:

“The total public funding under this Public Call shall be: 5.785.728,63
Euros or 356,806,407. 00 denars.“

Nikica Bacovski