The Agency has paid the subsidies for manufactured and delivered tobacco


The Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and Rural Development has paid 1,612,876,774.00 denars for the direct payments to 15.753 Beneficiaries for contracted and sold oriental aromatic raw tobacco from the 2022 harvest.

The director of AFSARD, Mr. Nikica Bachovski, informed that this payment was made to all producers who have legally fulfilled the conditions for receiving financial support under this measure.

"The funds have already been transferred to the accounts of all the producers who delivered the produced tobacco to the registered purchasing centers" - informs Bachovski.


Under this payment, the amount of direct payments is 80 denars per kilogram for first class produced and delivered tobacco, 70 denars for second class and 60 denars for third class tobacco produced and delivered from the 2022 harvest.