Bachovski: Presented 64 Decisions for allocation of financial support for purchase of tractors

The Director of the Agency for Financial Support of the Agriculture and Rural Development has presented the first 64 Decisions for allocation of financial support for the purchase of tractors from the Program for Financial Support of the Rural Development.

The Decision were awarded to farmers from Prilep and the surrounding Prilep villages. After receiving the decisions, the farmers have deadline of up to 10 days to visit the premises of the Agency for Financial Support and sign Contract after which they would implement their investment.

"The support that Prilep farmers will receive through the Rural Development Programme for purchase of new machinery, i.e. the purchase of new tractors, amounts to 47.5 million denars. So far, the Agency has approved total of 730 applications under this measure, for which MKD 500 million have been allocated. With this kind of support, we are directly helping in the process of modernization of agricultural mechanization, reducing the costs for area processing and thereby increasing the competitiveness of Macedonian farmers" - said director Bachovski.

The financial support is allocated according on the principle of co-financing of the total eligible costs in the amount of 50% - 75%. After receiving the Decisions and signing Contract with the Agency, the Beneficiaries of the financial support should submit Claim for Payment with accompanying documentation within a period of no longer than 120 days, after which the Agency, after administrative processing will co-finance the investment